Rhythm Rumble Workout


The Rhythm Rumble workout is the first workout of its kind combining cardio, strength, flexibility, coordination and mind/body training into a fun, power-packed, full body workout that gets results!  The Rhythm Rumble workout was created by Fitness Guru Cheryl Lynn Jones and inspired by a 400-year-old martial art form called Capoeira.  Cheryl was introduced to Capoeira in 2001; intrigued by the athleticism, grace and creativity of the martial arts and dance infusion, Cheryl Lynn became a student of Capoeira which later inspired her creation of the Rhythm Rumble workout.  Cheryl introduced the RR workout into the fitness arena in 2003; her signature workout has since gained national recognition and has been featured on The Roland Martin show, in ESSENCE Magazine, and was the center stage fitness feature in the 2015 and 2016 ESSENCE festival.

The Rhythm Rumble Workout is a provider for the American Fitness and Aerobics Association (AFAA) and the National Association of Sports and Medicine (NASM).  Rhythm Rumble offers a national certification program which provides AFAA and NASM credits for instructors seeking to earn CEU’s while getting certified in one of the most unique and exciting workouts they will ever experience!